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    1. Products
      We are a professional r & D and production of high-grade LED lighting enterprises, products exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries
      Company Profile

      ZHEJIANG BOSHITE ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is located in Taizhou, which is the largest production base of industrial sewing machine in the world. We are a professional developer and manufacturer of high quality LED lighting equipments. Our products have the following advantages: long service life; ultra-low loss; high shock strength; soft lighting; non-UV; protective effect on vision. The led light we made can save 90% of the electrical energy compare to the common energy-saving lamp; It is the third-generation light sources in the world. Our products apply to the industrial sewing machines, machine tools and other illuminations. We built up a strategic cooperation relationship with customers from Europe, U.S.A, Australia and Asia.

      Cooperation partner
      Our company has provided services for many famous enterprises, and has won strong support and wide praise from the industry
      Timely transmission of corporate brand information to you
      Our products are widely used in sewing machines, machine tools, life and medical lighting and other different fields